Music Lessons For Kids

Music Lessons For Kids Should Be Fun

Of course every parent hopes, when looking for music lessons for kids, that they will 'stick with it,' and maybe, someday, even be able to play something. Perhaps when they are adults they'll be really grateful that they took piano lessons. So the question, of course, is how do you get children to stick with their music lessons?
Well, one way is to just make them do it. And, if you're absolutely sure there will never be any issues in the future about this, then that's probably the way you should go. Let us know how that works out for ya, will you?
The other way is if they enjoy their piano lessons. Research has shown that people tend to keep doing the things they like and, if you think about it, you never hear people complaining about the things they like, either.
So, how do you get children to enjoy music? Games? Dress like a clown?
Well, the Gurus of Music have a little secret to impart. Promise not to tell anyone, okay?
Here it is; being able to play music is actually fun and enjoyable. We know, we've done it!

We've played music before and it's fun.

All that's needed is to teach it correctly and without drama. If you teach the basics and just be patient until the person gets it, soon they'll be able to play music and be having fun. The remarkable thing about this is it often doesn't matter what music you play; there's quite a bit of music that's more fun to play than to listen to. Sometimes, however, you end up liking the music as well.

And here's another little Guru's secret; this doesn't just apply to kids. The only adults who can't enjoy playing music as well, are those who are no longer among the living.  We know, we're adults and we have fun playing music. When you think about it, any other reason is stupid. So, whether it’s music lessons for kids or adults, it’s supposed to be fun.
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