The Case For Music Basics

Why Learn Music Basics?

You've probably seen this sign in a mechanics garage or something, that says; "Why is there always enough time to do it over, but never enough time to do it right in the first place?"
This applies to many things in life and it certainly applies to music study. This country has been all through a craze of looking for short-cut methods; everything from trying to follow finger numbers, putting the letters on the piano keys, making the keys different colors and learning by rote (just mimicking someone else's hand and finger motions.) This whole approach has been compounded by the idea the media has always presented that famous rock artists never practiced or ever did practice a day in their lives; something that is categorically, factually untrue.

The Only Shortcut

In my experience as a music instructor, I have invariably found that music students who have tried to learn from some short-cut method are so mixed up that they can't play at all or, if they have gotten somewhat along, they have come up to the realization that they want to play some particular advanced technique or get to another level.

And guess what? To do that, they need the theory or music basics to do it, which pretty much amounts to going back and starting over. Most people don't have it in them to do this.
This is why the shortest way is to just do it right from the start.

Learn the basics of music quickly and easily


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