Should You Take Lessons?

Here are Five Good Reasons Why You Should Take Lessons
In this day and age, short cuts abound and people are constantly looking for the quick way to learn a song. I'm not going to enumerate the various ways that people try this, hoping to bypass any music lessons, because I'm sure you seen or even gotten involved with some.
I've had many people, at their first lesson, tell me that they have tried learning this or that on the internet or some video course and just gotten very mixed up and frustrated. So here are five reasons to take lessons;
1. There are a few separate skills involved with playing music correctly, such as 
Rhythm, note reading and music theory.
2. A skill such as Rhythm is easiest to learn by having it explained and then demonstrated.
3. Having a teacher right there means you can get instant feedback as to whether or not you are doing it right.
4. A good teacher will make a careful assessment of your level and make sure you learn the appropriate level well before going to the next.
5. A good teacher will keep you out of any of the many pitfalls that students can fall into.
How a Good Teacher Can Help You to Reach Your Goals in Music

There are many pitfalls that students will get into on their own such as playing with no definite beat, trying to get into something that is over their level and memorizing all the short pieces they play in the first level. A good music teacher will watch out for these so that the student will make steady progress in his music lessons. Any of these pitfalls will essentially stop you in your tracks and leave you very frustrated. Short-cut methods may get you a certain ways but, when you decide you want to try something harder or a bit different, you will be faced with going back to get your basics in and few people have the will to take that on. Most musical genres have the same basics involved, so the shortest way is to take lessons.


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